The Bithal spiral integrates two aspects to age  with health and without limitations:

the internal  part corresponds to your body and the external part to the spaces where you live.



Physical, mental and emotional

To age with health and without limitations depends on a series of factors that you must take into account: an adequate diet, regular physical activity, restful sleep, a good genetic predisposition, as well as good oral health, whether or not you take medication, the correct functioning of the different systems (detoxification, immune, endocrine, neurological...), an optimal mitochondrial function and a balanced microbiota.

In addition, health is influenced by other types of situations or circumstances: emotional, family, socio-economic and occupational stability.

Bhital’s integrative-biological medicine approaches health from a global vision, combining the advances of conventional medicine with the wisdom of ancient medicines.

Bhital · Salud Ambiental & Medicina Biológica


A holistic view of health

Bhital · Environmental Health & Biological Medicine

21st century medicine must contemplate the famous 4 “P’s”, that is to say be Predictive, Preventive, Personalised and Participatory. This paradigm shift puts the patient in charge of his or her own health.

Integrative-Biological Medicine puts the patient at the centre and considers a wide range of physical, genetic, emotional, mental, social and environmental factors that affect health and ageing.

This global vision means a humanization of medicine, by focusing on the person and not only on the disease, in order to be able to propose a personalised treatment. It analyses the organism as a whole, taking into account all the data provided by the most advanced techniques of conventional medicine: genetic tests, analysis of intestinal dysbiosis with PCR, study of biological age… It recognises the self-healing capacity of our body for the prevention and treatment of diseases, thanks to the modification of lifestyle habits, such as diet, physical exercise, stress management and sleep.

To allopathic or traditional medicine we add the wisdom of ancient oriental medicines. We also attach great importance to the limiting beliefs of our subconscious, which can sabotage the success of our goals.

The integrative-biological approach helps you to age healthier, that is to avoid pathological ageing, to which waste products generated by poor diet, lack of exercise or inadequate exercise, stress, medication abuse – which generates serious side effects – and toxic metabolites generated by both metabolic and pathological processes contribute.


Bedrooms, living room, office

There are more and more studies linking multiple health problems with environmental pollution. Hence, the growing interest in creating healthy interior spaces, not only in your home, but also where you work.

Therefore, it is very important to reduce the environmental toxins to which we are exposed on a daily basis, in the places where we spend the most time. Its accumulation favors aging, since it saturates the detoxification mechanisms of our body. Of special importance are the artificial non-ionizing electromagnetic radiations, coming from the electrical network, mobile telephony, etc. and air quality.

Bhital’s environmental health helps you reduce the invisible and silent toxins you are exposed to on a daily basis, using professional devices that allow you to know the real levels.

Bhital · Salud Ambiental & Medicina Biológica


The importance of healthy indoor spaces

Bhital · Salud Ambiental & Medicina Biológica

We cannot conceive of full health without taking into account the pollutants that surround us. Some are unavoidable, because they are part of the public and common environment. But we do have responsibility for the interior spaces that depend on ourselves. The concept of Biohabitability refers to all those parameters that are necessary for a house or a company to be healthy, both for those who live or work in it and for its surroundings.

Many of the current diseases that we suffer from have a direct and/or indirect relationship with what we breathe, with what we eat, with what we put on our skin or with the biological impact of radiation.

There is a growing sensitivity on the part of numerous scientists and international forums about the serious consequences that the growing exposure of the general population to these toxics can cause. Especially in vulnerable groups, such as pregnant women, children, adolescents or the chronically ill.

For this reason, it is becoming increasingly necessary to reduce the environmental toxins to which we are exposed on a daily basis in the places where we spend the most time, such as our home or work. Bedrooms, in particular, should be considered “healthy sanctuaries” because of the number of hours we spend in them every day.

It is also worth noting the harmful effect on health of artificial non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation, coming from the electrical network, mobile telephony, etc… Among its potential effects are the generation of great oxidative stress (ageing), the DNA damage, endocrine disturbances, or insomnia.