This analysis covers 3 types of measurements: artificial and natural non-ionising electromagnetic pollution (geopathies) together with the air quality of dwellings already built or to be refurbished.

We measure low frequency electromagnetic fields (electrical network, transformers, artificial lighting, electrical wiring, lifts, domestic appliances, etc…) and high frequency electromagnetic fields (wifi, cordless telephones, mobile phones, outdoor telephone antennas, etc…). The earth connection is also measured.

Measurement of natural radiation (geopathogenic zones, Curry nets, Hartmann, etc.) is carried out.

We also measure indoor air toxics such as formaldehyde, VOCs, particulate matter, CO2, etc. (coming from furniture, carpets, blinds, wall paint, non-natural flooring, decorative objects, sofa fabrics, utensils, personal hygiene and cleaning products, etc…).

As a result of the measurements, we draw up a report with all the values recorded. This technical report also includes a proposal for the optimisation of spaces and recommendations to reduce the toxic substances detected.

This is our Bhital Geoenvironmental Health Advanced (BSGA) service:

It includes 3 different types of measurements:

  • Natural non-ionizing electromagnetic radiations (geopathies).
  • Non-ionizing artificial radiation (high and low frequency).
  • Air quality in the rooms of the house that require measurements.
  • Analysis of the results.
  • Technical report of registered values.
  • Proposal of measures to be taken to reduce them, as well as electromagnetic hygiene recommendations.


It is recommended to request a quote as it will vary according to the m2 subject of the measurements.

geoambiental previo

Geoenvironmental Health Pre-Analysis

analisis geoambiental básico

Basic Geoenvironmental Analysis