Do you know about medical rejuvenation programs for men?

Aging in men, unlike women, is more gradual because testosterone decreases progressively. This fact justifies the fact that, historically, women have been more concerned about delaying aging. Today, there are many men who want to live a more active, productive and healthy life in all its aspects: physical, mental, sexual and social.

This is our Men’s Rejuvenation medical program:

1st medical visit

These online visits will be made through the DriCloud medical platform, which allows us to securely and comfortably collect the necessary data for:

  • Take a thorough medical history to know your health status, past and present, including lifestyle habits.
  • Set preliminary objectives.
  • Request the necessary complementary testssuch as analytical tests, genetic tests, etc.

2nd medical visit

Visit after analysis of the results of the complementary tests requested, relating them to the data obtained in the clinical history.

This will allow us to:

  • Elaborate the global therapeutic action plan.
  • Set complete objectives.
  • Assess the need for consultation with integrative specialists (urologist, cardiologist ….).

3rd medical visit

In this visit we will focus on advising you on nutrition, both in the type of diet that is most advisable for you and what supplements would be necessary:

  • Counseling and specific nutritional action plan according to the results of the tests analyzed.
  • Personalized advice on cellular micronutrition with indication of supplements, according to the results of genetic and biochemical analysis.

4th medical visit

In this last visit we will focus on :

  • Evaluate the results of the different areas of action.
  • Resolve possible doubts.
  • Follow-up of the therapeutic plan.
  • Schedule maintenance visit, if required.

Optionally, we can offer you the following complementary services, which can also help you:

  • Improving your libido  and sexual potency.
  • Analysis of your biological, as opposed to chronological, age. Thus, you will be able to quantify your rejuvenation over time.
  • Metabolic study for the improvement of sports and metabolic performance.
  • Study of intestinal dysbiosisby PCR.
  • Study of heavy metals.
  • Health analysis of the burden of environmental toxins that surround you daily in your home and contribute to accelerated aging.
  • Elaboration of specific genetic profiles, to know how genes affect mental health (mood, memory, social behavior), bone health, predisposition to prostate or colon cancer, among others.


These fees do not include the requested analyses, such as specific analyses or genetic tests performed by specialized companies.

We understand that each patient is different, the time between visits (weeks) will be agreed to help the best achievement of the objectives we have set.

Women’s Rejuvenation Medical Program

Price: from 990€.

Medical Rejuvenation Program