Today, science allows us to know the predisposition to suffer certain diseases and thus try to avoid them. For example, the way your liver detoxifies the toxins that are formed in your body every day can cause an excess of free radicals, which are involved in aging and the generation of diseases.

With genetic tests we can anticipate possible alterations in your health and act early, in order to avoid complications and obtain more effective treatments.

We know, thanks to the epigenetics, how our epigenetic the type of food, the type of exercise, the quality of the dream, our habitat, toxics, our emotions, the specific supplements, etc… influence our genes and, therefore, on our health. With that knowledge, we can manage the activation or deactivation of certain genes, thus changing their function.

The goal is that thanks to advances in genetic testing, preventive medicine, and age management medicine, we can keep our years going while remaining potentially healthy, active, and productive.

This is our medical program Bhital Preventive Medicine (BMP):

  • 1st medical visit

These online visits will be done through the DriCloud medical platform, which allows us to securely and comfortably collect the necessary data for:

  • Elaborate an exhaustive  medical history, in order to know your health status, past and present, as well as your family history.
  • Know your daily habits:
    • How you feed yourself.
    • Frequency and type of exercise.
    • Quality of your sleep.
    • How you manage stress.
    • If you consume supplements, medications, tobacco or alcohol, etc.
    • What is your daily exposure to environmental toxics.

This will allow us to determine which genetic test is most suitable for you and thus create a personalized preventive plan.

  • 2nd medical visit (2-3 weeks later)

This online medical visit will be done after analyzing your medical history, lifestyle habits, medication, etc… At this time, we will relate this data with the results of your specific genetic test. This will help us to know the implication of your genetics in the health problems that you have suffered throughout your life or that you could potentially suffer from.

From there we will recommend you the personalized guidelines to follow:

  • Habits of life:
      • The most advisable diet for you.
      • Type of exercise that suits you best.
      • How to improve the quality of your sleep.
      • How to reduce or avoid daily exposure to environmental toxics .
  • If you need specific supplementation to compensate for genetic functional deficits.
  • How to manage stress.

All this with the aim of optimizing your health and promoting a better quality of life and well-being.

You will receive a detailed report with the results and recommendations.

FEES: from 895€.

These fees include genetic tests performed by specialized companies.



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