Good emotional support can make the difference between achieving adherence and non-adherence, that is meeting the goals set out in medical treatment plans.

The mind and emotions are as important for health as the physical body. We now know that 60-80% of illnesses are directly related to the emotional state. It is not only important to get the treatment right, but it is also essential to have medical support to help the patient to follow the treatment and overcome their difficulties. Without this support, the treatment is often not sufficient and can lead to a difficult and frustrating experience.

Your social skills, that is to say your relationships with others, depend on your emotional state. Developing your emotional intelligence will allow you to improve your social health (family, partner, friends, work relationships…).


1 hour online sessions through the DriCloud medical platform 

  • Individual visits
  • Emotional support program of 10 sessions (1 /week)
  • Emotional support program of 20 sessions (1 /week)