It is essential for your health and quality of life that the spaces where you spend most of your time are healthy. We are surrounded by pollutants that have a direct and negative effect on our health. For this reason, we must pay special attention to our homes and workplaces, in order to reduce the environmental toxins to which we are exposed. In this sense, bedrooms are key spaces, as they are places where we spend a lot of time and are more vulnerable to these toxins. On the other hand, mobile phones and household appliances generate non-ionising electromagnetic radiation that contribute to aging and favour various pathologies such as insomnia.

Electromagnetic measurements are a complex procedure that requires calibrated and professional detection meters, which provide shielding solutions. These measurements are exhaustive and assess living spaces to determine radiation levels and whether they are within acceptable limits. They also evaluate indoor air quality and help reveal the amount of pollutants you may be breathing in on a daily basis. Improvements in energy efficiency have led to buildings becoming more airtight, reducing ventilation and increasing levels of indoor air pollutants.

These Bhital services are aimed at parents who want to protect their children from toxic substances in their bedrooms or study rooms. They are also aimed at people with fatigue, tiredness, sleep disturbance, chronic headaches, teleworkers, electro-hypersensitive patients, patients with multiple chemical sensitivity or suspected pathology related to chemical and/or electromagnetic toxics. This also includes pregnant women or women of childbearing age and medical and health care personnel, as part of the treatment of their patients. And, in general, anyone who wants to prevent potentially serious health problems.

We offer you 3 different types of analysis:

Geo-Environmental Health Pre-Analysis

analisis geoambiental básico

Basic Geo-Environmental Analysis

analisis geoambiental avanzado

Advanced Geo-Environmental Health Analysis