Our genetic code is unique and personal. A genomic analysis allows us to detect alterations that can lead to the risk of becoming ill. Knowing these alterations, we can act epigenetically, that is, work with the elements that are capable of influencing the genetic material, such as food, emotions or environmental factors.

With a simple blood test we study lymphocytes – a type of white blood cell – and detect polymorphisms or small variations in genetic material. In this way, we can detect the predisposition to illness – and, consequently, prevent illnesses – at the same time as allowing us to personalise guidelines in nutrition, physical exercise, stress management, supplementation, etc…

Here are a few examples. If someone is born with a polymorphism in a gene, which makes them prone to heart attack poor stress management, suffer from thrombosis, poor estrogen metabolism, among other alterations, it is possible that they may suffer a serious coronary episode, have anxiety crises, suffer a pulmonary thromboembolism (PTE) or endometriosis, etc… To prevent this, aware that you are at risk, genomic medicine will recommend a change of habits that includes a healthy diet, specific essential supplements, the most advisable type of exercise, control of emotions, as well as what you should specifically avoid, among other measures.



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medicina preventiva

Preventive medicine

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