If you are a person who regularly takes one or more medications, this is of interest to you.

Pharmacogenetics is a tool that is as important as it is unknown. Our genetics condition the way we transform and eliminate drugs. Therefore, pharmacogenetics helps us to predict the risk of toxicity and/or therapeutic failure of a given drug. In conclusion, it prevents the toxicity and/or ineffectiveness of a drug .

Thanks to this genetic test, we can know the response that a person will have to a drug, as well as the possible negative actions and interactions that can be generated between different drugs.

This is our Bhital Pharmacogenetics (BF) medical program:

  • 1st medical visit

These online visits will be done through the DriCloud medical platform, which allows us to securely and comfortably collect the necessary data for:

  • Elaborate your medical history.
  • Know your lifestyle habits.
  • Know the medications you take on a regular basis.
  • And also, anysupplements or herbs you may take, in case they affect the efficacy of the drugs.

In this same session, we will request the pharmacogenetic test, which includes the study of the genes involved in the metabolism of the drugs you are taking, the possible interactions between drugs, food, supplements and your lifestyle habits.

  • 2nd medical visit (2-3 weeks later)

This visit is made once we have the results of the pharmacogenetic test, which will have allowed us to know how your genes involved in the metabolism of the drugs you are taking work. This performance may be normal, deficient or very deficient. We also assess whether there are interactions between medications, foods, supplements and your lifestyle habits.

  • We will recommend you the guidelines to follow regarding drug, food and supplement interactions that could produce undesirable effects.
  • We prepare a report for the doctor who has prescribed the drugs, so that he/she can know the convenience of modifying the drugs that present serious problems or interactions, in case the test results so contemplate.

FEES: 290 €.

These fees do not include the pharmacogenetic test, which is performed by specialized companies.

medicina preventiva

Preventive medicine

medicina genomica

Genomic medicine