Medical Visits and Services

Integrative – biological medicine

I offer not only medical programs, but also isolated medical visits, with a comprehensive and personalized care that covers various areas of medicine and environmental health. They are designed to help you reach your maximum potential for wellness and vitality.

  • Medical visits
    • Medical visit to address your specific health needs.
    • Medical and environmental health visit, to reduce exposure to environmental toxins to which you are exposed on a daily basis.
  • Specialized Medical Services
    Focused on key areas of your health and wellness. Designed to empower you and guide you towards a healthy andbalanced life:
    • Anti-Aging: Our anti-aging program is designed to help you feel and look your best at every stage of your life. Through advanced medical approaches and innovative therapies, I will help you optimize your health and promote healthy and active aging. Nowadays, we know how we can delay aging by analyzing your current situation with biomarkers such as mitochondrial function tests, oxidative stress profile , inflammatory profile, body composition ratios, hormone levels, biological age, etc…
    • Genomic medicine: explore the possibilities of genomic medicine and discover how your unique genetic information can influence your health and well-being. Our genomic medicine program provides you with personalized information and concrete actions to optimize your health. based on your genetic profile. If you regularly take 1 or more medications it is particularly important to perform a pharmacogenetic study.
    • Emotional support: we recognize the integral importance of emotional health in your overall well-being. Through our emotional coaching program, I offer you the support you need to address your emotional and work challenges, your interpersonal relationships, how to manage stress and cultivate a positive mindset for a full and satisfying life.

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Genomic Medicine


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