This analysis is aimed at people who want to buy a flat or a house, a plot of land or build a new construction, in order to create healthy buildings. With the study carried out, it will be possible to avoid, among other aspects, that geopathogenic areas are dedicated to spaces in which we spend a lot of time (bedrooms, office, living room, etc…) and are relegated to corridors, bathrooms, gardens or swimming pool.

Developing a geoenvironmental health analysis for an architectural project has become a differentiating factor with great added value. Today, more than ever, achieving indoor environments with reduced electromagnetic pollution – especially at home or at work – helps to prevent health problems.

The measurements we carry out consider artificial and natural electromagnetic pollution (geopathies) together with the indoor and/or outdoor air quality of the location.

As a result of the measurements, we draw up a report with all the values recorded. This technical report includes a proposal for the distribution of preferential areas and areas to avoid when inhabiting.

This is our Bhital Geoenvironmental Prior Health (BSGP) service:

It includes 3 different types of measurements:

  • Natural non-ionizing electromagnetic radiations (geopathies)
  • Non-ionizing artificial radiation (high and low frequency)
  • Air quality.
  • Analysis of the results.
  • Technical report of registered values.
  • Proposal of solutions for healthy housing.
analisis geoambiental básico

Basic Geoenvironmental Analysis

analisis geoambiental avanzado

Advanced Geoenvironmental Analysis