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We can and must make their use compatible with protection measures.

The dangers of cell phone use, as well as the dangers of new technologies make many tasks easier for us and have a great advantages. Therefore, claiming to
o live away from them is neither easy nor very realistic.a. So, the most important
ntelligent is to combine its use with the taking of awareness of the dangers of cell phone use in children and adolescents.

The phrase “Knowledge sets us free” has been uttered over time by many personalities, from religious to lay people throughout history.

Meet cow can abuse affect physical and mental health? of digital technologies allows you to put the brakes on and thus avoid consequences physical, cognitive, behavioral … to our young people. To do this, you have to reduce the exposure, for example, you can use devices SPIRO that clean the environment of these radiations.

Thus, there are many of us who are actively participating in making people aware of the risks of high exposure to new technologies. And mainly to the danger of the use of cell phones. In a fast moving world, we must be aware of how it will affect our physical and mental health and especially our children. On the other hand, we must know how to combine all the good things they bring us without forgetting to take precautions. For this reason, I share this letter from the
Vivo Sano Foundation

an organization committed to raising awareness about environmental health issues and reducing the high exposure to which we are exposed daily, to reduce the danger of cell phone use.

Bhital, Danger of cell phone use in children and adolescents

Bhital – Environmental Health and Biological Medicine. Dangers of cell phone use in children and adolescents



What can we do?

You have probably often observed children as young as one or two years old (even your own children, nieces, nephews or grandchildren) engrossed in front of their cell phone screens.

Nor will you be surprised to see little ones at a restaurant table watching YouTube videos on the tablet or playing video games on the console.

These are everyday situations that we usually justify: “otherwise they won’t eat”, “they get bored”, “what they see is educational content”….

So, let’s pause for a moment to reflect, is this really beneficial


xposure to new technologies from such an early age? Experts warn that it can causespeech delays or affect future school performance.


These problems may go unnoticed at an early age. Unfortunately, as children get older, they may manifest themselves in other ways, such as:

  • Attention deficit or hyperactivity

Children who are overexposed to electronic devices tend to show a lower capacity for concentration and greater impulsivity.

  • Risk of obesity.

The sedentary lifestyle related to prolonged timein front of the screen
Therefore, it can contribute to weight gain and associated health problems.

  • Difficulties in socializing.

Also, excessive use of electronic devices can limit opportunities for face-to-face social interaction. Thus, it can affect the development of social skills.

  • Sleep disorders.

Likewise, exposure to blue light from screens before bedtime can interfere with sleep quality. It can also cause insomnia problems in children.

  • D
    epression, anxiety or impulsivity.

Unrestricted access to online content and exposure to


stressful situations, has
has been


can contribute to the development of emotional problems in children.



Where should we focus our attention if we are parents, uncles, aunts, uncles, grandparents or educators?

What is the most appropriate digital parenting strategy?

How to manage children’s screentime and avoid conflicts?

And how to guide them towards a more balanced and healthy life?

danger of the use of cell phones by children and adolescents

Free photo. playing outdoors, to reduce the danger of cell phone use in children and adolescents

  • Tips for quality technological parenting: it is important to protect, guide, inspire and empower your children, nieces, nephews, grandchildren… It is also advisable to teach them about the opportunities and challenges offered by the Internet. Therefore, set clear boundaries and encourage a balanced use of technology from an early age.


  • Strategies to reduce the time children and adolescents spend in front of screens: for example, it providestips, recommendations and habits to control the hours they spend with their smartphone, tablet or computer. In this way, you avoid confrontations and encourage responsible use. Encourage outdoor activities, reading and creative play to balance screen time.


  • Techniques to stimulate brain development and improve concentration in children: comprende
    ow children’s brains work. In particular, how it reacts to interaction with electronic devices and how to care for it to facilitate emotional management. In addition, it promotes
    ctivities that stimulate imagination, problem solving or critical thinking.


  • Mobile-free” activities for a happy family life
    in order, to promote physical and mental well-being, to encourage the
    face-to-face interactions and interactions with nature. To this end, it organizes family outings, board games, art and crafts
    All this will give you
    uality time together without the distraction of electronic devices.

It’s time to get moving and reduce the dangers of cell phone use…