Precision medicine, an innovative field in constant evolution within biological and integrative medicine . It represents a personalized approach to health care that takes advantage of advanced study technologies.

These techniques include genetic analysis, oxidative stress studies, inflammatory profiles, specific biomarkers, microbiome …. As well as a wide variety of medical questionnairesdesigned to assess multiple aspects of the health and well-being of individuals.

Bhital, precision medicine tools

Bhital, Precision Medicine


The genetic studies are essential in precision medicine. These provide detailed information on genetic predisposition to disease and how the body responds to different treatments and environmental factors.
environmental factors
. This in-depth understanding of genetics allows physicians to design highly personalized therapeutic strategies tailored to the specific needs of each patient.

In addition, the
precision medicine
is furthering the study of oxidative stress and the inflammatory profile, two key factors that affect cellular health and predisposition to chronic diseases. By understanding these biomarkers, areas of risk can be identified. And from there, design therapeutic interventions aimed at reducing inflammation and promoting cellular health. And the most interesting thing is that you can do it before symptoms of diseases appear,

Bhital, precision medicine

Bhital, Precision Medicine


It also addresses emotional, environmental and socialaspects that influence health.

The medical questionnaires are very exhaustive, assessing exposure to chemical, electromagnetic and mold toxins. ….. Not to mention occupational stress, personal relationships and emotional health . Thisprovides a comprehensive view of the person and allows the implementation of personalized prevention and treatment strategies.

Hormone levels are also being studied. Hormonal balance plays a crucial role in the optimal functioning of the body. Hormone levels begin at younger ages than would be expected and affect a person’s energy, mood, cognition, sexual activity and metabolism.

In short, precision
precision medicine
offers a comprehensive and personalized approach to improving health and preventing disease, taking advantage of advanced technologies and considering all aspects of each individual’s health and well-being in a holistic manner.